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Leave Dates - Leave Management System

Leave Dates

An online staff leave planner, giving you complete visibility of team holidays and absence. Leave Dates is free for small teams.


Teleprompter for Video

Record video of yourself while reading from a script. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Teleprompter for Video app
Prompt+ teleprompter app with mirror


A traditional teleprompter app available for iOS and Mac devices, works with mirrored teleprompter rigs.


Translate Email

We make it easy to provide email support in multiple languages.


Translate emails automatically
Foot Rocker - Achilles Tendon Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Leg Rocker

The Leg Rocker is perfect for anyone suffering with a tight achilles tendon, pain under the heel of foot or achilles pain walking. It stretches and strengthens the achilles tendon in days.


Create an Online Course using just your iPhone

An eLearning course which teaches you everything you need to know about how create online courses using your iPhone.


Create courses using your iPhone


We also offer bespoke consultancy on software product development. Get in contact for more information.